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07 October 2022 - LABCO as exhibitor at the IZB 2022

From 11.10.2022 - 13.10.2022 LABCO will participate as an exhibitor at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB). After a break of several years, the trade fair will once again take place in Wolfsburg at the Allerpark exhibition centre. The IZB is Europe's leading trade fair for automotive suppliers, as it is geared exclusively to the trade public as a target group, fully represents the automotive value chain and is a marketplace for forward-looking innovation.
This year we are once again pleased to be sharing a stand with our long-standing partner
WKM Wärmeprozess- und Klimaprüftechnik Michel GmbH & Co.KG (Hall 2, Stand 2407). In keeping with the trade fair, we will not only be presenting our new stand design and our new mugs, ballpoint pens, etc., but also our LABCO and LABCO BTC brochures in the new design. You can download these in advance as PDF files under this article. We look forward to answering your questions about our companies LABCO and LABCO BTC as well as our services, to interesting discussions and to your visit at our stand.
You can find more information about the IZB here:

LABCO Brochure

LABCO BTC Brochure

24 June 2022 - Interview for the skilled workers blog #besserhier

In the blog of the "besserhier - Skilled workers marketing for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region " project, our colleague and employee Mr Dennis Hoppen gives insights into why he chose to live on the coast and what makes working at LABCO so special. The project is being implemented by Süderelbe AG in cooperation with various districts in the surrounding area and region of Hamburg. It is also funded by Lower Saxony's European Social Fund. We would like to thank our employee and colleague as well as #besserhier for the article.

You can read the whole article here (Only available in German): At home by the North Sea – Dennis, LABCO

15 March 2022 - Meeting of the local company managers of the Loxpark

Last week, a meeting of all local company managers of the "Loxpark" business park was organised.
The central topic of this meeting was the exchange of ideas for future cooperations in the Loxpark. Afterwards, further Get-Togethers were already planned, as every participant discovered much potential for collaborative plans and developments in the discussions.

We thank you and look forward to further successful meetings with
LEHN Paletten GmbH, ERICH NONNE GmbH, Weser Shipstores GmbH, mh² offshore GmbH and
Autohaus Klinke GmbH

14 February 2022 - The presentation of our LABCO BTC Homepage

We are very pleased to announce our next big milestone, the launch of the official homepage of our Battery Test Centre LABCO BTC.

On the website, we introduce LABCO BTC as a company and provide first insights about our modern equipment park, which is currently under construction, as well as our wide and flexible service portfolio, which offers tests on batteries and their peripherals. Furthermore, the site contains a construction diary and a link to our companies’ news and current vacancies which we update regularly, just like the entire LABCO BTC Homepage.
The website is also available in english.
We would like to thank our partners TIRA GMBH, AVL List GmbH, WKM Michel GmbH & Co. KG und CTS GmbH for providing pictures and information about the equipment.

01 December 2021 - Visit to the fair "The Battery Show 2021"

Mr Dr.-Ing. Marios Constantinou (Member of the Management Board) and Mr Marc Rutz (Head of Departement - Sales and Marketing) will be visiting the fair "The Battery Show 2021" in Stuttgart tomorrow. They will be presenting our new sister company, the battery testing centre LABCO BTC, and will be happy to explain more about our future service portfolio. Furthermore, we are looking forward to an informative exchange about the development of the battery technology and industry!

The Battery Show 2021

26 November 2021 - LABCO GmbH in the podcast "Bei uns in Loxstedt (With us in Loxstedt)"

Radiohost Lars Cohrs interviews people from the community of Loxstedt and presents their stories - every month an episode of the podcast series "Bei uns in Loxstedt" is published. Our management was invited by Mr Cohrs for an interview to present our company LABCO. We met with him and told him a little about us. A big thankyou to the municipality of Loxstedt and of course to Mr Lars Cohrs for the entertaining and pleasant interview. You can find the link below the post. The episode can also be listened to via any portal that plays podcasts. We hope you enjoy listening!

8. Episode "Bei uns in Loxstedt (With us in Loxstedt)"

03 November 2021 - Lectures at conferences

On 04.11.2021, the "INDUSTRIE DIGITAL für Niedersachsen 2021" conference of NiedersachsenMetall will take place in Hannover. Costakis Constantinou, Managing Director of LABCO GmbH, will give a presentation on the topic of artificial intelligence at this event.
In addition, Marios Constantinou, member of the management board, will also give a talk on the subject of infrared welding of plastics at the TECHNOMER online plastics conference at TU Chemnitz on the same date.
We are looking forward to the events and all participants.
You can find more information in the links below.

INDUSTRIE DIGITAL für Niedersachsen 2021

10 September 2021 - Symbolic groundbreaking of LABCO BTC GmbH

Yesterday, 09 September 2021, LABCO GmbH celebrated the symbolic groundbreaking of the new sister company LABCO BTC GmbH. The celebration was accompanied by various representatives of the press, who received the first, exclusive information about the plan to open the new company LABCO BTC GmbH. From the 3rd quarter of 2022, we will start operating LABCO BTC GmbH as a future accredited, globally recognised battery test centre. This will enable us to assess the safety, performance and reliability of batteries before their first use in series production. The construction of the building and the purchase of the testing equipment are partly supported by a funding programme of the NBank, as the state of Lower Saxony also believes in the considerably positive effects of an opening, such as the creation of jobs or clearly noticeable economic growth.
The link below contains the German newspaper-article of the Nordsee-Zeitung, which can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF.

Source: Nordsee-Zeitung "Energiewende Schub geben"

02 September 2021 - Information letter regarding data changes of LABCO GmbH

We would like to inform you that the tax number, VAT identification number (USt-IdNr.) and registry court number (HRB number) of LABCO GmbH will change with immediate effect. The link below contains a PDF with this information for further use. Please read carefully

Information letter regarding data changes of LABCO GmbH

August 2021 - LABCO goes social media

Since 28 July 2021, LABCO GmbH is represented on various social media channels. On these pages, you will find interesting and up-to-date information about our modern family business as well as interdisciplinary news.

You can find our Facebook and LinkedIn-pages at:

We are happy about every visitor and subscriber and hope you enjoy our channels!

July 2021 - Our contribution to the energy transition

From 01 January 2022, LABCO GmbH will henceforth be supplied exclusively with certified green electricity, provided by EWE Vertrieb GmbH. This means, among other things, that the electricity consists of 100 % renewable energy of which the source is clearly identifiable. In this way, we are contributing to the expansion of this type of energy supply, and all of this is done in a CO2-neutral manner - through compensated upstream emissions.

July 2018 - 15 years LABCO

LABCO GmbH celebrates its 15th anniversary on 1 July 2018. High-quality various accredited tests, excellent machine equipment, engineers from different fields and international projects, especially in the field of automotive wiring system components, make LABCO GmbH a company with a secure future.

Summer 2018 - Extention finished

The constantly extended testing possibilities, the continuously growing machinery and the resulting larger number of employees are the reason for an urgently needed extension. In 2017, the management decided to expand the office and laboratory space by a further 720 m². A further 2,500 m² plot of land was purchased in the southern section. The extension will be completed in summer 2018. Just in time for the 15th anniversary.

August 2017 - 3D Profilometer

With our new 3D profilometer we can perform fast and high-precision 3D measurements. The 3D surface measurement enables large-area observations (200 mm x 100 mm) of shape, flatness and roughness. The entire surface is measured instead of individual points, thus the analysis is possible in the entire form: profile measurement, measurement of the height difference, volume and surface calculation, roughness measurement on lines and surfaces and of course 2D measurements.

January 2017 - 4 new climatic chambers

By purchasing four more climatic chambers, we were able to further advance our testing capacities in this area. With more than 25 climatic chambers of different sizes, we were able to further optimize the test procedures and test duration.

December 2016 - Second Shaker

For testing individual components or entire assemblies for vibration resistance since December 2016 we have a second electrodynamic oscillator generator (Shaker) in action. In combination with our new climate chamber, tests under controlled environmental conditions are possible. Mr. Dr. Schmidt will be happy to answer your questions.

October 2016 - New four quadrant voltage current amplifier

Since October 2016 we have been using a four quadrant voltage-current amplifier for tests according to LV 124. This allows tests to be carried out which require rapidly changing signals with high power. The power amplifiers ensure the required test conditions for a wide load range.

April 2016 - Upgrade of testing facilities

To further expand our testing capabilities our equipment has been supplemented by a power supply with an output of up to 30 000 watt. The new DC power source supplies an output current of 3000 A at a maximum voltage of 10 V and is suitable for tests with an increased current consumption, such as overcurrent tests, derating tests or short-circuit tests.

February 2016 - Upgrade of testing facilities

In order to extent our testing possibilities our test equipment was recently supplemented by a Xenon weathering instrument. Material changes caused by sunlight, temperature and humidity can be simulated for a variety of materials (textiles, plastic or coatings) in a short time.

May 2015 - Extension of the accreditation

The reaccreditation by the DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO 17025 that has to be performed at regular intervals has been completed successfully. The so-called flexible accreditation was granted to some divisions. This makes it possible not only to test according to defined specifications, but also allows modifying them if needed. The updated certificate and its annex will be placed here for download as soon as it is available.

April 2015 - Cooperation of LABCO and VDE in Asia

On April 9, the VDE Global Services GmbH and the LABCO GmbH established a new joint venture for testing of automotive cables and components in Suzhou/China. Since many carmakers have directed their focus on the Asian market, this decision was made in order to offer our customers in Asia a direct local service. The range of services offered includes the test of automotive cables, connectors, protection systems, etc. for obtaining a homologation or for the analysis faulty parts.

March 2015 - Upgrade of testing facilities

With the purchase of three additional climate cabinets, we have further improved our laboratory testing capacity. We expect this to further optimize the test processes and thus lead to a shortening of test durations.

February 2015 - Extension of the capabilities in the RF lab

Our new  Agilent/Keysight  E5061B offers versatile network analysis in the broad frequency range from 5 Hz to 3 GHz. A significantly improved dynamic range in the low frequency range allows the precise determination of the surface transfer impedance of cable screenings. Furthermore the capability for the measurement of passive components was extended up to 30 MHz.

September 2014 - Two new testing services

Our test equipment has recently been extended by an additional climatic cabinet.
Newly listed is a corrosion test cabinet for testing the corrosion characteristics of materials to corrosive gases for tests according to IEC 60068-2-60, 60068-2-42/43 as well as ISO 21207 and more.

July 2014 - The new website is online

After unfortunately neglecting our website over the past years, it is now entirely updated and modernised. We hope this will provide you with a better overview of the tests we are able to perform at our new site. You'll also be able to locate right contact partner for your project right away.

June 2014 - We are looking for two new employees

We urgently need more personnel. We are looking for two new employees for our test lab. You can find out more under the Career tab.

April 2014 - Two new testing options

We've added a Keyence VHX-700FD digital microscope to our equipment line-up, enabling the capture of images with extreme definition.
We also have a new salt spray tank – ca. 1000 litre – among other things for performing tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227 (DIN 50 021), NSS, AASS, CASS, DIN EN ISO 60068-2-11, VDA 621-415, VW PV 1210 (DIN EN ISO 554/23/50), DIN EN 60068-2-52

March 2014 - We've moved

Made it! The entire testing has moved from Brake to Stotel, on the other side of the Weser River. We are especially excited that our entire staff have remained with us and joined us in the move to the new site.

As of mid-March, our new address is: Alfred-Nobel-Strasse 15, 27612 Loxstedt-Stotel/Germany. E-mail addresses remain unchanged, but the telephone numbers for reaching our staff have changed. You'll find them under the Contact Partner section.

June 2013 - New test lab in Stotel

The old lab in Brake has reached its capacity for enhancement. After much consideration, we want to make a new start in the community Loxstedt. A 7400-square-meter property was acquired in Stotel's Loxpark Industrial Zone. The construction work for two highly modern lab buildings totalling 1700 m²has already begun.